The devil wants you to think you are still under his control

But you are not. When you feel down or tormented or worthless or a failure regarding spiritual or worldly matters, remember that these feelings do not originate from God. The devil wants to determine how you think, how you feel, and how you behave. So he places thoughts in your mind.

You have to remember that they are just thoughts, just feelings. We give them too much power.

We have been entertaining and believing these thoughts for so long we believe them to be who we are. We think, “I am a liar, a cheater, a sex fiend, a drunk, depressed, a worrier, unsociable, shy, mean, awkward, unfit, unattractive, an addict, a smoker, weak, sick…” But just because you think it or feel it, doesn’t mean it’s true; doesn’t mean it is who you are.

Isn’t it a relief to know those horrible thoughts that come into your mind are not yours…

And you don’t have to claim them as your own or keep them? I know right now you are thinking to yourself, “But these are my thoughts; this IS me, this is the way I think of myself.” It may very well be the way you are, but are you ready for the NEW YOU? The “REAL” you. The YOU, you were meant to be, created to be. The devil will always try to drag you down. He wants you down in the pit with him. As long as we are down in the pit or “in the gutter,” the devil is happy and has us right where he wants us.

Your Thoughts are Killing You!

"Take Control of Your Mind and Close the Door to those Negative, Depressing, Fearful, Worrisome Thoughts Forever."

Do you struggle with thoughts of shame or guilt, feeling burdened, lost, and overwhelmed? Maybe you believe you are stuck in a pit and can’t get out, and even worse you believe you deserve to be there.

I understand, because I was once there too! I wrote my book “Your Thoughts are Killing You” in order to share this message—God wants the best for you, and He has the means to get you there!

One day I was praying with someone who was in extreme fear and stress.

Her chest was tight, and her head was pounding. The stress was causing her severe chest pains. I asked her if it was her heart, she assured me it was stress. We prayed together, and in the name of Jesus came against the spirit of anxiety and fear. I prayed with her until she rose up and walked. We prayed and stood our ground against the tactics of the devil until her chest stopped hurting and peace returned. The devil is relentless but completely defeated. Her thoughts had her convinced she was never going to be well and was only going to get worse. We believe the devil is powerful and we believe the symptoms are real and too powerful for us.

I prayed with a young man who was sure he had schizophrenia.

He was terrorized into believing it was true. The devil will stop at nothing to keep us tormented and in fear. But thankfully he came for prayer. This is where the lies are exposed. Call someone who knows Jesus and isn’t afraid to pray. If you are tormented by thoughts, stay tuned and get free.

Negative thoughts keep us ensnared, trapped and chained. But because we are “IN CHRIST” those chains are broken. There is no trap, no chain, and nothing has us bound.

One acronym for Fear is “False Evidence Appearing Real.”

Fear is FALSE. The devil uses fear to scare and threaten. He only succeeds when we believe his lies, his carefully planted thoughts. Sometimes we need help fighting; we can’t fight him alone. We need others to come alongside us. Do not be afraid to call for help. The Bible says one can chase 1,000 foes but two can chase 10,000 (Leviticus 26:8). Your foe is not flesh and blood but evil rulers and authorities in the unseen world.

​Ephesians 6:12‬

“For we are not fighting against flesh-and blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.”

Why do I talk so much about the devil?

Why? Because once he is exposed as nothing but a liar, you are set free because you know who and what you are up against; the liar and his lies. I want you free from the grasp of terror, nightmares, and negative thoughts. RECOGNIZING these thoughts as lies is half the battle. Once you recognize these thoughts as just thoughts planted to terrorize you, you can say, “OH, IT’S JUST YOU! HA! The Greater One lives in me!”

This story has been passed down over the centuries and is so worth telling. One day a saint woke up in the middle of the night and saw Satan himself standing at the foot of his bed. He woke with a start and said, “Oh, it’s just you! Greater is He that is in me than he that is the world,” and the saint rolled over and went back to sleep.