Excerpt from my new book “Your Thoughts are Killing You”

The Bible says that people are perishing for lack of knowledge. I am going to share some truths with you that, if you are willing to believe, will radically change your life forever so you can enjoy life and experience joy unspeakable and live a full, healthy life free of guilt and shame. Jesus said it’s not the truth that sets you free but it’s the knowledge of the truth that sets you free. You have the same power Jesus does because He has given it to you.

If you are open and have time for God, you will hear God’s voice. Get ready to be healed, blessed, and blown away as you read through these pages. God is faithful to transform your life. He wants it for you more than you do. He did it for me and if he did it for me, he will do it for you.

I didn’t deserve it. What God did for me is ridiculous. I still wonder, “Why me? How could He? Why am I so blessed?”

God wants to bless you too. He wants to show off His goodness through you. Are you available? Do you want to be victorious or remain a victim? It’s up to you. Do you want sympathy or victory over every area of your life? Do you feel better if you are miserable?

Would you know how to handle a life free of misery? It’s up to you. God has already decided He wants the good life for you. He paid a high price for you to have it. He wants peace and joy to be your norm, not something that is always just out of reach.

Your Thoughts are Killing You!

"Take Control of Your Mind and Close the Door to those Negative, Depressing, Fearful, Worrisome Thoughts Forever."

Do you struggle with thoughts of shame or guilt, feeling burdened, lost, and overwhelmed? Maybe you believe you are stuck in a pit and can’t get out, and even worse you believe you deserve to be there.

I understand, because I was once there too! I wrote my book “Your Thoughts are Killing You” in order to share this message—God wants the best for you, and He has the means to get you there!