We allow negative thoughts in, we entertain them and pretty soon they make themselves at home in our minds. We invite them to dine with us, hang out with us, until they become who we think we are.

I am a failure.
I am useless.
I am fat, ugly, and old.
I am screwed up.
I am perverted.
I am a bad mother/father.
I am a sinner who keeps on sinning.
I’ll never get it right.

We hear them, receive these thoughts and ideas and file them away. We begin to believe they are true.

I am out of my mind.
I will grow old all alone.
No future for me.
I am not going to make it.
I won’t have enough.
I am going to get sick and die.
I will get cancer.
I have gone too far.
I am going insane.
I could kill her.
They will lock me up.
They hate me.
No one likes me.
No one needs me.
No one will take care of me.
He doesn’t care about me.
I am hopeless, no one appreciates me.
God doesn’t have time for me.
God hates me.

These words come out of our mouths so readily because they are lurking in our head all the time. They have become our default thoughts and therefore show up in our everyday language.

We cannot allow these thoughts to reside in us…

Or we will become as ugly as they sound. They will literally make us sick. The words coming out of your mouth are making you sick. You need to undo/recall/delete/erase/unlearn them. We were not made this way. We were not made to be fearful, anxious and depressed. We were made to life. When thoughts become a habit, we become enslaved to the feelings they produce and a stronghold develops.