Have you ever been given a gift of tiny wildflowers from your 5 year old son? How did you receive them? Were you in the middle of something important like a phone call or dinner? Did you drop everything to receive those flowers? Did you take good care of them? Probably. You wouldn’t throw them away or discard them or ignore him. You went to great lengths to show that precious child just how much you appreciate the flowers.

If you, though you are evil, a sinner, impatient, inconsiderate and selfish, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will God give good gifts to you. If you listen to your children, how much MORE will your Heavenly Father listen to you (taken from Matthew 7:11).

Your Heavenly Father hears your prayers. Don’t let the devil lie to you. The devil’s job is to keep you from receiving what God has given you. How does he keep you from receiving? Doubt and unbelief. He is sowing doubt and unbelief because it is a sure way to keep you from God’s blessings. We doubt we will be healed, we doubt our children will be healed, we doubt God will rescue us and protect us. We don’t trust him to provide so we resort to lies and cheating.

We believe the devil and doubt God. The devil doesn’t have to work hard. He sows a little worry here and a little fear there and soon we are running away from faith in God’s blessings. The last thing the devil wants is for us to trust that God is listening and caring and answering and soon he has us back where he wants us, taking matters into our own hands.