God is 100% invested in you.

He has made the plunge and gave it all for you. When he handed his son over to be crucified, he was all in. There was no going back. The deal was struck, and the Covenant made for you.

This is what you cost the Father.

He prepaid, let’s face it, overpaid, for you; not so you could wonder if he still loves you, not so you could hope he still forgives you, but that you would know and be assured of his love.

He made it permanent when Jesus’s blood was shed.

There was no going back, no backing out, no changing his mind. God’s mind was made up about you and he proved it with the cross. He settled the matter forever. The cross is Irreversible, an expression of his unconditional love for you and me.

He sent his son to earth to die for us whether we recognize him or not. He did it without any assurance anyone would care. He did it for you whether you accept it or not, whether you believe it or not, whether you acknowledge him before others or not. He is there waiting for you to notice his love for you and turn to him and be saved, healed, and made clean.