Fasting is good for us.

It can be and should be exhilarating. Don’t see it as a negative, but a positive. The benefits are amazing. The oneness with God we feel and experience is worth it. Fasting brings us into the spiritual realm like praying in tongues, or reading the Bible with the Holy Spirit, or going to Mass.

Fasting grows us up and makes us ready and strong.

I believe as Christians we need to discipline ourselves. Just like we work out with a daily or weekly regimen, we must also work out spiritually to be ready when we are called upon. We will be called upon, the question is, will we be available for others? Will we answer the call or will we be too comfortable on the couch watching television or too tired and drowsy after a large meal and a glass of wine. Fasting is a way to practice being available and ready for someone else.

It benefits us to say “NO”

It benefits us to say “NO” to our bodies, our cravings, and our habits. I used to tell my children to say, “no” to themselves once a day as a form of self-discipline. Denial is good for you. One day you will be asked to come to the hospital or to go pray for a friend or help babysit a neighbor. Will it be a chore for you to go or a joy?

We can’t be so consumed with our own lives that we don’t have time for others.

We need to practice making time, so we won’t be frustrated and put out with others when the invitation to help comes. It’s hard to drop everything and go when someone needs you. We need more practice so that when we are called, it won’t be such a burden or hassle. Instead, we will be ready.

Fast from something during Lent.

Fast from a meal or for a time during the day. Don’t go crazy so you hate it. Just enjoy being one with God for that amount of time and fast from food, from television or from whatever the Holy Spirit leads you to give up.

You will enjoy it. It may be unpleasant for a moment but remember, the moment will pass, and the joy you receive lasts so much longer. The feeling of accomplishment or the feeling you get from doing something for God is overwhelming and worth it.

Many can’t fast.

They don’t have the luxury of making a decision to give up food. It is made for them. They don’t have enough for three meals a day like you do. When you fast pray for those who are suffering and living without. Make it a great day for you and for someone else.