• A 15 week Bible Study written specifically for the Catholic Church Community.
  • Jesus healed the multitudes, and He is still healing today. God has already made a decision to heal you, and He made it before time began. God sent His Son Jesus to forgive you and heal you and restore you to Him. Take advantage of this gift and be healed. This book is a product of many years of bible study, prayer, teaching, and ministry in the Catholic Church.
  • Acts is a prayer format that works anywhere, anytime. It is easy to remember and helps you to stay focused on God during your prayer time. God wants an intimate relationship with you. The very first and most important commandment is to love the Lord your God. How do we love the Lord our God with all our heart if we don’t ever spend time with Him? This prayer format is a way to get you to know and love the Lord by spending good quality time with Him and allowing Him to minister to You. It's time for us to grow up in our faith and to turn from relying solely on rote prayers and begin praying from the heart. This takes practice and determination, not because it’s hard, but because the devil does not want us to and will keep us from it if he can. The ACTS prayer is intended to do just that, help us grow by providing a helpful tool to teach us how to pray and keep us praying. Follow the steps outlined in “ACTS.” These steps will provide you with just enough to get you started, keep you on track and keep you going. Many prayer groups and churches all over the world have implemented this ACTS prayer. I am not sure how or where it started, but I am glad it did.
  • A 28 Week, Bible Study written specifically for the Catholic Church Community. Jesus told his disciples "don’t leave the city (DON’T MOVE, DON’T DO A THING) until you have received power from above." That power is the Holy Spirit who came on Pentecost to the church to empower them to be the church and to spread the news of Jesus Christ to the whole world.
  • Do you struggle with thoughts of shame or guilt, feeling burdened, lost, and overwhelmed? Maybe you believe you are stuck in a pit and can’t get out, and even worse you believe you deserve to be there. You want to be totally care free and at peace no matter what is going on around you. You want to be successful and prosperous; A person of integrity and confidence knowing you are part of something bigger than yourself. Maybe you want to be a Believer. One who puts their trust completely in God’s hands, knowing that you can count on Him to come through now in this world, and in this life. It's time to take control of your mind and close the door to your negative, depressing, fearful and worrisome thoughts forever. Your mind belongs to you, and you have authority over what you think and say and believe.